Blood Vessel (2019) – Monster Fest Review


Blood Vessel (2019) – Monster Fest Review

What do you get when you combine vampires and Nazis on an giant WWII minesweeper adrift in middle of the Atlantic Ocean during the tail end of World War 2? The ingredients to a deliciously diabolical cinematic event that’s not to be missed, that’s what.

After their hospital transport ship is destroyed by enemy gunboats, a handful of Allied survivors – wounded, dehydrated and slowly starving – lie adrift in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, desperately awaiting rescue. When they see a huge ship looming in the distance, they rejoice, thinking salvation is at hand. That is until the ship gets closer and is revealed to be Nazi minesweeper! Coming to the grudging realisation that the enemy vessel is their only hope for survival, the battered crew clamber aboard only to find the ship seemingly deserted. Upon further exploration however, they find that the ship isn’t as empty as they thought it was, and that what lays beyond the locked door in the bowels of ship will have disastrous consequences for all onboard, living and dead alike.

Helmed by practical effects wizard Justin Dix, from a screenplay by Dix and Jordan Prosser, BLOOD VESSEL is the greatest Aussie nautical horror film since Kimble Rendall’s insanely successful BAIT! Finally, a vampire film that doesn’t suck. Filled with amazing special effects, buckets of blood and viscera, and enough jump scares to require a heart attack warning at the beginning of the movie, BLOOD VESSEL is most definitely a contender for Best Australian Horror Film of 2019. Forget WOLF CREEK and CHARLIE’S FARM, finally there’s a modern Australian genre film we can be proud of.

BLOOD VESSEL is distributed by Umbrella Entertainment in Australia and is screening at Fangoria x Monster Fest 2019: Monster Fest Takes Australia late October – early November

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